Our Mission

Launched in 2015 and led by Chef Navin Ajodhya, we have one goal at Trucking Delicious, and that is to provide the highest quality dishes to our customers at an affordable price. We understand that what we don't put into our food is just as important as what we do and stress the below throughout our menus!

Our Services

Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Late Night service

Event catering menus available for all occasions

Specializing in custom cakes, pastries and desserts

Meal planning is easy with our protein rich meal packs

Mobile Food truck


custom bake shop

meal packs

Our passion is FOOD!

We love to cook!

We love to serve!

We live to eat!

We think you will love to eat what we cook and serve!  See what we did there?


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Pace, K

Navin & Crew catered our wedding and rehearsal dinner and we couldn't have asked for anything better! The food was amazing, the staff was great, and Navin was accommodating throughout the entire process. We changed our mind a few times on the menu, added things, swapped things, and changed the number of things needed and Navin never made us feel like we were inconveniencing him. He even came and gave us a sample while we were setting up for the event! We are so glad to have found Trucking Delicious to cater our event, we would definitely use them again!

Young, E

So many food trucks in central ohio but this one stands alone as THE most satisfying, filling, DELICIOUS one of them all. Ridiculous how good the food was that's pushed out of there and the owner's are extremely kind. 10/10 all across the board from sandwhich, to loaded fries , corn casserole, and the desert somehow got better with every bite. Look forward to our next run in !

Brown, B

I had the pulled pork with the plantain buns and the granny's ugly bar. The pulled pork was phenomenal, and the plantain buns were a perfect compliment to the pork. They didn't take away from the pork flavor, rather they added an interesting flavor that I feel as though i cannot describe adequately through words. The granny's ugly bar was sweet with combined peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel flavors. This was one of the best food truck meals I've ever had, and one of the most creative. 10/10.

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